"My work begins and ends with the spark of an emotion. I am fascinated with the landscape of the human spirit. The process of transferring that landscape onto the canvas is what drives the work. I hope to make visible the invisible worlds that move, motivate and guide us as soulful beings."



Born in Hawaii to a Japanese mother and a US Marine pilot father, Sali's early years were spent living in various US States, Japan and Korea. After attending University in Tokyo she moved to Los Angeles where roots where finally grown. Having moved often in her youth and spending so much time "in between"...in between states, countries, houses, schools and cultures... she has developed a rich and unique inner life. She has created an inner space cultivated by all the differences she has seen. A space suspended between here and there. A space which is the foundation for all of her work.

Sali's full time painting practice began after years as a small business owner. She followed the dream of opening her own little coffee shop and successfully ran two of them before the need for the meditative quiet of a regular studio practice demanded to be heard. There was no refusing the call to create. It has become her meditation, her vehicle and her voice on this spiritual journey. It has made her complete on a deeply soulful level. Her deepest wish for her work is for it to touch the viewer in some way on just such a level. To make the viewer pause, even for the briefest of moments, to reflect on or connect with their deeper selves. To make visible to them something that has only ever been a feeling or a dream.

Sali's recent work has been mostly in encaustic wax painting. The word encaustic means to “burn in” in Greek, and is an artist process which involves using heated beeswax, damar resin, and pigment and applying the mixture onto a rigid surface and then fusing it to the surface with a blow torch or other heating source. It has taken years of experimenting and working with the medium to find a process that works with her creative style and expresses all she wish to say. The organic qualities of wax, from the way it handles, to the way it smells of honey and the luminosity which can be achieved has captured her creative spirit. She uses layers to build depth ~alternating between opaque and translucent ~ and often finds herself scraping much of it back to reveal the moments of light she loves so much. With some pieces taking months until completion and others  seemingly only moments, it is when the work seems to be speaking quietly to her does she deem it a finished piece.

Sali has found collectors for her work across the US and Internationally.



2016 Kline Academy of Fine Art / Los Angeles, CA

2011  Brentwood Art Center / Los Angeles, CA

1993  Sophia University / Tokyo Japan/  BFA




Upcoming 2017

"Quad" Group Show / April 1-30 / Gloria Delson Contemporary/ Los Angeles, CA

"Female Figure" / April 5-12   / Beyond the Lines Gallery / Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA

"In Flawed Abundance" IEA Juried Group Show/ April 7- May 6 / New Art Center in Newton, Massachusetts

Conception Arts Group Show / April 27 / Iron Triangle Brewery / Los Angeles, CA



"12th Annual Encaustic Invitational" Juried Group Show /March 4-31/Conrad Wilde Gallery/Tucson, AZ

"Septime" Anniversary Show / March 4-31 / Gloria Delson Contemporary/ Los Angeles, CA

"A Brighter Future for Children" Dreambuilders Benefit  Auction / Los Angeles, Ca

"Abstract 1 " Group Show / March 4-12 / Beyond the Lines Gallery / Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA

"Love" group exhibition/ Feb 4-16 / Beyond the Lines Gallery / Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA



Open Theme Group Show/ Dec 2 - Dec 31 / Beyond the Lines Gallery / Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA

"Making Your Mark" juried group exhibition/ Sept 21- Oct 23 / Encaustic Art Institute/Santa Fe, NM 

"Perform" group exhibition/ Oct 1-Oct 29 / Beyond the Lines Gallery / Bergamont Station Santa Monica, CA

Pasadena Art Walk 2016 / Oct 22 2016/ Pasadena Playhouse district

Newport Beach Art Exhibition Group Show /Newport beach Civic center

“Botanicals” group show /Light Space & Time  Gallery

“Leaves and petals” group show / Fusion Art Gallery


"Get Art 4 " Group Show / Siren Studios/ Hollywood, CA

"Catalyst" group Show / Los Angeles, CA


"Get Art 3" Group Show / Siren Studios/ Hollywood, CA





Pottery Barn Fall 2016 Collection Prints

Featured artist "Spotlight on LA" collection /Curated by Jessica Mcqueen/ Saatichi Online

Featured Artist "Inspired By Pollock" collection /Curated by Evangelyne Delacare / Saatchi Online

Juried “Botanicals”  / Light Space & Time Gallery / Merit of Honor

Juried  “Leaves and Petals" / Fusion Art Gallery / Finalist



Los Angeles Art Association 

International Encaustic Artists


Small selection of  collectors

Rochester Museum of Contemporary Art

Mr. & Mrs. Tams / Switzerland

Mr. Mrs. Phillips / Arden, North Carolina

S. Bhardwaj / Phildalphia, PA

S. Nagi / London, Great Britain

K. MacKerrow / San Francisco, CA

E. Howell / Alabama

Mr. & Mrs. Gitlin / Los Angeles, CA

T. Gardikiotis / SK, Canada



Atkinson Collection Gallery / Elmhurst, IL